Design: Just for Fun Premier Newsletter – Book cover revealed!

Presenting…the Book Cover!

For the first time anywhere. We wanted to give our Newsletter subscribers the first look at the cover for Bob’s upcoming book. More first looks and exclusive content coming up in the next few weeks.

Bob Gurr’s assistant, Miss Macintosh, interviews Bob:

MM: When did GurrDesign start?
BG: R.H. Gurr Industrial Design originated in 1953, then did early design work for Walt Disney’s WED Enterprises in 1954 shortly before Walt Disney hired me full time to help design Disneyland.

MM: Didn’t you create GurrDesign, Inc. later?
BG: After retirement from Disney in 1981, GurrDesign, Inc. was founded to do a wide variety of crazy projects such as a Sinking Ship in Las Vegas, an Olympic Games Flying Saucer, even a 30′ tall King Kong!

MM: What was the Flying Saucer about?
BG: I designed a wild Olympics Closing Ceremonies lighting gag.

MM: Now that you are 80 and retired, what does GurrDesign do?
BG: GurrDesign is doing yet another crazy project…publishing a new book that will reveal how so many interesting projects were created and brought to success. The book will be available in late spring 2012.