Design: Just for Fun


The most thorough behind the scenes stories ever told about Themed Entertainment design at America’s favorite destination resorts – Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Tour, Spectacular Las Vegas and more.

Legendary Imagineer Bob Gurr, as Principal Designer for hundreds of Themed Entertainment projects, takes the reader behind the scenes:

  • Learn how Disneyland developed the first Monorail in America.
  • See how Universal Studios Tour Animated King Kong came to be.
  • A Pirate Battle Show and Sinking Ship in Las Vegas – how did they do it.
  • Get the story of the animated Abraham Lincoln at the NY World’s Fair.
  • Meet the team behind the Los Angeles Olympics Flying Saucer.
  • And so much more…

Foreword by Marty Sklar

Design by Michael Aronson, Hard-bound. 216 full color pages.

Red and Blue Collector’s Edition
1,000 numbered and signed by Bob Gurr


Thanks to all of you for making this book a success!