Design: Just for Fun – May Newsletter


BobBookThe books have been printed, shipped and should be here very soon. Watch for a special “They’re Here!” issue of the newsletter!

May Miss Macintosh interview:

MM: Last month you said the books are all printed – where are they now?
BG: The books are on a big container ship headed straight for Long Beach, California. The ship will arrive Monday May 7th, then after they clear customs, get to a shipping forwarder, they’ll all be safe at my nephew Eric’s farm in Riverside, California.

MM: Why Riverside – don’t you live in Tujunga near Los Angeles?
BG: Free storage and free labor for shipping out the books! Eric and his three kids volunteered to do a lot of the work – I pay them with beer and pizza. Eric gets the beer.

MM: So, isn’t this a lot of work to ship 1,000 first editions?
BG: You bet, but I’ve worked out a system where each person has a simple task; Eric unpacks each case of books, Marilee folds up the Post Office Priority Mail flats into boxes, Preston adds the labels to the boxes, then I paste in the gold foil Certificate of Authenticity and autograph each book. We wrap them in bubble pack, and Clara seals them into the boxes, then I run them to the Post Office 150 at a time. We’ll do over 700 in just a few days.

MM: Where do you get all the shipping materials?
BG: Easy. The Post office has delivered the hundreds of box flats to me free, the giant rolls of bubble pack arrived here by truck – everything is done on the internet. I print all the shipping labels, maintain the order books and lists for all the buyers. It’s been fun going to the Post office and cashing the checks too. But it all will get easier after June 1st – I’ll be using PayPal for continuing orders after I ship out all the pre-sold books.

MM: Still out of Riverside?
BG: No, I’ll be handling all the rest of the books from my place in Tujunga. We’ll move books as needed out of secure storage in Riverside to Tujunga.

MM: Must be something to be a fulfillment center.
BG: Yep. If you write it, you might as well ship it too!