Design: Just for Fun – March Newsletter

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MM: You tell the story of about fifty projects in your book. Is that all you ever did?
BG: Oh gosh no…from 1952 to 1998 I was was asked to develop designs for 238 corporate projects as well as 21 smaller individual designs of all kinds.

MM: Did you do even more work for Disney?
BG:Yes…lots more. Long after I retired from Disney, as GurrDesign, Inc. I was a consultant to WDI R&D doing lots of secret future stuff that I can’t talk about.

MM: Well, can you talk about projects for other companies?

BG: Sure. I designed car bodies for Malibu Grand Prix, the new Circlevision Camera for Iwerks Entertainment, even their Reversing Projector, for which Don Iwerks and I share the US patent. I did a number of projects for Garner Holt Productions, who later became Disney’s largest theme park attractions supplier. Several Las Vegas companies asked me to produce designs for their shows.

MM: I know you did the big Treasure Island Pirate sinking ship job…what else?
BG: A real fun job was the Sky Parade at the Rio Hotel Masquerade Village. This was a parade of floats that carried guests and entertainers, all while hanging from the ceiling!

MM: Any other kinds of projects?
BG: Why yes…in 1953 I helped work on President Eisenhower’s Columbine II Air Force One at Lockheed Aircraft in Burbank…super secret job I almost forgot I did. And for years I did illustrations for many car magazines…Motor Life, Road & Track for example. A big thrill was painting a cover for Road & Track back in 1954…a national magazine cover!

MM: Was there any project you would have liked to do?

BG: You bet…a Rose Parade Float. Never got the chance. Those designs have fascinated me since I was a teenager. I love to figure out how those wizards do their mechanical animations. Maybe some day.