Design: Just for Fun – January Newsletter

Happy New Year!


As we roll into 2012, “Design:Just for Fun” is also on the move heading into final design and layout. This puts us right on track for a spring 2012 release. Keep up to date with the latest news and progress reports at

December Miss Macintosh interview:

MM: You are known for designing cars for Disneyland and Walt Disney World after designing cars at the Ford Motor Company in Michigan when you were just 20 years old. But didn’t you also make car designs for another company 58 years ago?
BG: Yes, a car company called Kaiser-Willys asked me to make designs for them thru their Detroit consultant Miller & Grisinger.

MM: Did you do this work in Detroit?
BG: Oh no…I had returned to sunny California when I was asked to start designs for the 1956 Kaiser and Willys sedans. I did this work at the office of my early car book publisher, Post Publications in Arcadia California. Miller & Grisinger would send me template views of the cars, and I would trace over them to make my designs fit the overall design package correctly…no cheating with impractical wild sketches.

MM: What year did you do these designs?
BG: 1954, just before I began to design the first Disneyland Autopia car for Walt Disney. I loved doing car designs by myself without all the Detroit trapping of wearing a suit and tie, no boss demanding certain styles or features. I could just show up around 10am, draw cars until maybe 2pm, then go to the beach! I would make blue print copies of the drawings before sending them to Detroit every week. I was sort of a beach bum, but I pumped out dozens of designs while living an easy California life.

MM: Can car fans find these designs today?
BG: Sure…a 1998 Collectible Automobile interview that shows a few designs can be downloaded HERE.