Design: Just for Fun – February Newsletter

book-printingOff to print

Printed…On it’s way!

We had an exciting milestone this week as the book has been sent to the printer. We’ll be posting a sample, formatted chapter soon for newsletter subscribers. Get a first look at what the printers will be…printing!

Bob Gurr’s assistant, Miss Macintosh, interviews Bob:

MM: Why on earth would you publish your own book. Books are supposed to be created by publishers? You’re just expected to write a rough manuscript and they do the rest.
BG: Why not do the whole book myself? It’s just another learning project like a Monorail or a Flying Saucer. Just start in and learn about all the stuff you don’t know.

MM: So how do you “just start”?

BG: Easy — Carlene Thie has ten years experience publishing her own books, and she said “just do it”. I hired her as my consultant so she could point me in all the directions needed to gather all the legal documents, copyright permissions, even find a great printer.

MM: Writing is one thing, but how do you put it all together?

BG: That’s where the book designer comes in. Michael Aronson of Lost Boys Design has the skills to take my writings and images, then assemble them using Adobe InDesign software. This is a computer file that the printer uses to make the offset lithography printing plates. We work together on book layout to get the overall style I want to see. He is creating a beautiful classic book, I can’t wait to see the finished result..

MM: I understand you can’t type, and you got a “D” in high school english. How the heck can you expect to be an author?

BG: Carlene set me up with a fantastic proof reader, Carolyn Burns Bass, who patiently plowed thru my “speaklish” writing style and delivered a perfect manuscript. It’s a team effort requiring about 7 different proof readings by Carolyn, Michael, and myself.

MM: Who sells and ships the book?

BG: I handle all the sales orders, do the accounting and sales tax stuff, while we do the shipping with help from my nephew Eric and his kids. See, book publishing is a great friend and family deal, and a terrific chance to learn yet another project — just another Monorail or Flying Saucer.