Design: Just for Fun – December Newsletter

MM: Disney fans ask for a Bob Gurr autograph, but they get R.H. Gurr – why?
BG: I have many names; Robert Henry Gurr, Henry Gurr, R.H. Gurr, Bob Gurr, even Gurrini – Walt Disney called me Bobby Gurr.

MM:So why R.H. Gurr?
BG:My 1955 book, Automobile Design, was signed R.H. Gurr, which is sort of the British way of professional author naming. From 1952 to 1954 I used Henry Gurr to sign my earlier books. In Art Center School our professor had too many Bobs, so told anyone with a middle name to use it. Henry Dreyfuss was a famous industrial designer, so I used Henry, but which I disliked. I’ve signed everything R.H. Gurr ever since.

MM:Gurrini – what’s that all about?
BG:My favorite moniker. Working as a car stylist at Ford in 1952, Italian sports cars were all the rage, using Stabilimenti as the manufacturer name, thus my sports car sketches carried the identity – Stabilimenti Gurrini, as in Stabilimenti Ferrari. It’s my e-mail name today.