Design: Just for Fun – April Newsletter

The pressing are running

TwoBookWe’re rounding the last turn and heading into the station. Final proofs and tests have been approved and the books are in the final stages of printing. Read Bob’s interview with Miss Macintosh below for more info.

April Miss Macintosh interview:

MM: I see that you have TWO editions of DESIGN: Just for Fun. Why is that?
BG: My 1959 Disneyland Monorail design started with two trains…the Red and the Blue. If you look closely at the book cover, you’ll notice that images appear to be attached to the gray metal siding as used on the Monorail. And since the first edition is red, why not make a matching blue edition? It’s just like the red and blue Monorail Collectibles.

MM: Oh my gosh…how logical is that. Who thought that up?
BG: Michael Aronson of Lost Boys Design, who designed my book, thought that keying the book cover design off the original Disneyland Monorail would be real cool. Kinda clever I thought…some folks might now want to collect both book editions.

MM: What’s the difference between the red and blue editions?
BG: The red is a collector’s edition, signed and numbered, so that those folks who buy the book early before it comes out in May are rewarded for their early purchase. The text is the same in both editions, just that early buyers get the collectible one. But I think both will eventually be collectible anyway, knowing just how enthusiastic Disney fans are.

MM: How far along are the books right now?
BG:The pages for all 2,000 books have finished printing, so the book binding process is underway now, and should soon be loaded into shipping cases, which will be sealed into pallet sized shipments.

MM: Where will the books be sold.
BG: I’m still accepting pre-sell orders at, then we’ll have some book signings starting in mid May. I’ll be using PayPal too. The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco will be the first store to sell them starting in June. Meanwhile my family and friends will be very busy shipping out all those hundreds of pre-sold orders. Well over half the Red Collector’s Edition are gone already. And that’s before hardly anyone has written any reviews yet.

MM: Sounds like they all be gone before the year is out.