MindDrift 3

A message from Bob:

Last Saturday I opened GarageBand for the first time. Yes, this app is magic… especially for an old dude who has no grasp of music. I suffered a complete failure as a trombone student at age 9, then utter disgust on piano at 10. Finally after a year of organ training at age 48, I learned I have zero aptitude. But with my love of ambient electronica (iTunes Stillstream, Machinengeist, etc.), ‘GurrageBand’ has given me another chance at 84.

This week, over several hours, I got a real hang of composing, auditioning and setting loop favorites. I started in for real on project “SecretWorld”.
Opening with rising wind as we respond to beckoning gamelon bells, but forewarned by a deep synth bass loop, we gently break thru with twinkly glass bells to find our way with diminished winds to ease slowly into a 32 trance underlay…

The latest version is “MindDrift 3”, which runs almost 6 minutes. I hope you can play it on a big sound system.