Bob and Elon endorse Tesla Autopia

Bob Gurr & Elon Musk

Bob Gurr & Elon Musk

Phil sez:
Like you’re telling me that Tesla wouldn’t jump at the chance to renovate autotopia if given the chance and approached in the right way? There’s something wrong when autotopia is reflecting highways of the past in tomorrowland. lol

Bob sez:
You bet Tesla should be the inspiring sponsor of an all new Autopia MkVIII in an all new Tomorrowland. For Star Wars kids, select the power system audio to Speeders, let the gear heads select Ferrari V12 or Formula One V10 at 18,000 RPM.

A short throwback to the opening of Disney's Tomorrowland…

Posted by Bob Gurr on Friday, December 25, 2015