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Design: Just for Fun

The most thorough behind the scenes stories ever told about Themed Entertainment design at America’s favorite destination resorts – Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Tour, Spectacular Las Vegas and more. Legendary Imagineer Bob Gurr, as Principal Designer… Read More

Monorail 1959

First Monorail operating in America at Disneyland, with Vice President Nixon attending The hectic days in the summer of 1959, as we were getting the Monorail ready for its grand opening are well described in the Fall 2001… Read More

Autopia Chassis

A Call to the Studio / Autopia Chassis It all started with cars. Some folks on my paper route in 1944 always had neat cars. A few years later, one of the kids that lived there was in… Read More

The Viewliner

Walt wants a miniature railroad added to Disneyland The area northeast of Fantasyland was just a big dusty bare spot after the 1956 circus was removed from Disneyland. Walt needed to fill this space with something quick and… Read More

Design: Just for Fun – May Newsletter

Printed…shipped… The books have been printed, shipped and should be here very soon. Watch for a special “They’re Here!” issue of the newsletter! May Miss Macintosh interview: MM: Last month you said the books are all printed –… Read More

Design: Just for Fun – April Newsletter

The pressing are running We’re rounding the last turn and heading into the station. Final proofs and tests have been approved and the books are in the final stages of printing. Read Bob’s interview with Miss Macintosh below… Read More

Design: Just for Fun – March Newsletter

We have proof(s)!The proofs have returned from the printer and have been approved! MM: You tell the story of about fifty projects in your book. Is that all you ever did? BG: Oh gosh no…from 1952 to 1998… Read More

Design: Just for Fun – February Newsletter

Off to print Written…check. Designed…check. Printed…On it’s way! We had an exciting milestone this week as the book has been sent to the printer. We’ll be posting a sample, formatted chapter soon for newsletter subscribers. Get a first… Read More

Design: Just for Fun – January Newsletter

Happy New Year! As we roll into 2012, “Design:Just for Fun” is also on the move heading into final design and layout. This puts us right on track for a spring 2012 release. Keep up to date with… Read More

Design: Just for Fun – December Newsletter

MM: Disney fans ask for a Bob Gurr autograph, but they get R.H. Gurr – why? BG: I have many names; Robert Henry Gurr, Henry Gurr, R.H. Gurr, Bob Gurr, even Gurrini – Walt Disney called me Bobby… Read More