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Annual Bob Gurr Design Award at the TMPCC

Bob was again the VIP guest judge at The Television Motion Picture Car Club show and fireworks event, on July 4th, 2016. The annual Bob Gurr Design Award was presented to Metallica‘s James Hetfield‘s 1934 Packard Custom designed… Read More

MindDrift 3

A message from Bob: Last Saturday I opened GarageBand for the first time. Yes, this app is magic… especially for an old dude who has no grasp of music. I suffered a complete failure as a trombone student… Read More

Bob and Elon endorse Tesla Autopia

Phil sez: Like you’re telling me that Tesla wouldn’t jump at the chance to renovate autotopia if given the chance and approached in the right way? There’s something wrong when autotopia is reflecting highways of the past in… Read More

Driving Miss Holly

IĀ get a lot of interesting gigs… …the latest one was an invitation to be a VIP Star parade car driver at the 84th Anniversary Hollywood Christmas Parade held November 29, 2015. Since I’m member No.711 of the Disneyland… Read More

A Combat Radio Christmas

A children’s fund raiser has been held for 5 years every December at the Salt Creek Grille in Valencia Town Center by Combat Radio, led by LA talk-radio star Ethan Dettenmaier. He asks numerous TV and music stars… Read More