On Marty…

Bob and Marty | BobGurr.com

On Marty…

Bob and Marty | BobGurr.comWithin hours of Marty’s having Gone West, an aviation term of the Quiet Birdmen, so many of his dear friends created loving observations of his Imagineering life…all well told.

On a personal note, let me tell you about Marty. A fun friend of more than half a century, we relished a special relationship of insults and hugs. A wordsmith of the highest skill, he delighted in skewering me in communications, baiting me for a counter reply.

I fell for his tease, never coming close to matching his wit. Over many years we both unknowingly collected a file of exchanges…mine named The Marty Barbs. He used these on me publicly once in a Bob Gurr Roast. Touche dear sir!

Now, let me really tell you about Marty. As long as I’ve known him he never failed to send personal hand written thank you notes to those who helped him with his many projects. In the form of a thick vertical name imprinted postcard, Marty’s thanks were always penned in red.

I’ve treasured all the ones Marty blessed me with for decades…another file, this one labeled The MartyGrams. With his personal words which I can return to anytime, Marty and I live on together.