Bob’s interest in the Scenicruiser

While attending Art Center School in Los Angeles from 1949 to 1952, among the various courses required, was an illustration class using many techniques and subjects. Whenever students were given free choice of subject (flowers, mountains, etc.) I chose Scenicruiser - BobGurr.comvehicles. When the assignment was for a outdoor watercolor scene, I selected the, then-concept study, GM Scenicruiser, since I thought it was so cool. (My sister has that painting today in her ‘Bob Gurr Gallery’ in Texas.)

After graduation in 1952, I joined Ford Styling. I went to a car show in Walled Lake, Michigan where a new Scenicruiser was on display – I was entranced by it! Later in 2001 I toured some of the western States with a mountain biking group though AdventureBus which used… an old Scenicruiser rigged up as a hippie camper. We’d ride during the day, then sleep in it while driving to the next trail site. The poor thing had been modified with a tiny Detroit Diesel 8V-74, replacing the original monster W-style diesel engine. It would be flat out in second gear at 20 mph climbing any grade. But, it was a classic Scenicruiser… and I finally got my ride in one.2001 AdventureBus bike tour by Scenicruiser -