Bob checks out the Tesla Model X

Bob in the Texla Model X - BobGurr.comAs a life long car nut and credentialed car tester at the annual Los Angeles Auto Show for many years, I get to drive every alternate-fuel car available on the show’s Green Drive Day. Advanced diesel, hydrogen fuel cell, and virtually every electric car available the past 18 years. My favorite is any Tesla – the Roadster, Model S, and now a big SUV, the Model X.

Thru the kindness of the Jason Knapp family, who are loyal Bob Gurr fans, I recently had one of these wondrous concoctions in my driveway. Jason had shared their Model S in 2012 and now had the big travel wonder for me to try out. Nothing on the planet is anywhere like this “On to the Future” machine. The falcon wing door X followed the previous month’s visit from Dave Tavres’ gull wing-door ’82 “Back to The Future” DeLorean. So it’s bird-wing car 2016 for sure.
Rather than listen to me gush over the big X, please go to this Autoblog link for a very interesting evaluation –

Texla Model X - BobGurr.comA caveat; as most readers know, my historic design philosophy has been to keep stuff simple, even if it was the very first creation of it’s kind. The future is never free or easy. Stuff that sounds terrific as an idea can suffer the growing pains of eventual perfection. This stunning device is a huge leap into “automotive tomorrow” which will need to endure the course of all pioneers. I know the drill…Walt Disney wanted the first American Monorail and gave me less than nine months to do it. I spent a decade getting it right. I suspect the Model X will experience a dose of the same.