A visit with the Disney Aviation Group

A visit with the Disney Aviation Group | BobGurr.com

A visit with the Disney Aviation Group

Bob at the controls | BobGurr.comThe Disney Aviation Group invited me to give a historical briefing on the origins of the founding of Disney’s flight operations back in 1963. Starting with a lone Beech Queen Air 80, adding a Gulfstream G1 a year later, then a Beech King Air 90, Disney became literally a national entertainment airline.

I was involved in designing early aircraft equipment additions, flew as co-pilot on several early flights, and ultimately enjoyed some 60 flights and 300 hours of Disney aircraft travel, spanning over 15 years during my Disney career.

For an hour at the event we all enjoyed the classic “hanger flying” session before reviewing two of their Gulfstream G650ER aircraft, and also a Bombardier CL-600.

The G650ER is by far the most advanced, fastest, longest range corporate aircraft ever built – and the Disney Flight Group operates two of them! 7,500 miles at Mach .90, 45,000 ft. with a low 3,500 ft. cabin altitude. This is referred to as “Disney President Bob Iger’s airplane” – a wonderful non-stop travel tool when doing business in Shanghai and Paris.

Bob Gurr with the Disney Aviation Group | BobGurr.com

I was given a thorough cockpit briefing on the four-screen systems displays as well as the sleek and tasteful main cabin. Needless to say, I learned so much about Mickey’s Marvelous Machine – way more technical than can be described in this note. You can guess, being a 50-year glider pilot, how wildly thrilled I am to have been invited to meet such a wonderful team and see up close their beautiful fleet.

Cheers… Bob